Create your own world in the universe Magic Break!
Boundless we-feeling

An escape unlike any other

During Magic Break, bonds are created on the dance floor and strengthened in the creative, interactive, and dynamic festival area.

What makes Magic Break a truly unique experience is that in addition to enjoying the best examples of the current electronic music scene, you can also indulge in so many other entertaining activities.

Explore the stages, dance your heart out, enjoy the art, gain new skills and get inspired through workshops, rest and reset in Chill Zone, savor the food courts and bars, and take lots of photos to immortalize memories…

It is all for you to create your own world in the universe of Magic Break!


Food lies at the heart of Magıc Break !


Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner like you never had before at a festival with feel-good dishes, colorful salads, happiness-booster desserts, artisan coffees and hand-crafted cocktails….

Magic Break is a rich and colorful experience through a vast range of


Meet people, enjoy yourself with water sports, rejuvenate your soul with yoga, or find inspiration through arts, with musicians, professional dancers, live painters, mural artists, pop artists, lighting experts, and many more.

Allow your nervous system to chill out

The Chıll Zone

Carefully planned sanctuary within wilderness of electronic music, it is a quiet, calm, comfortable place to slow down, relax, and chill out with friends.

Expect to encounter art installations by young contemporary artists that will reinforce the sense of calmness and tranquility.

Hearth beats that make Magıc Break come alive!


Each year, Magic Break presents a carefully curated selection of workshops, all designed to be genuine and down-to-earth, yet mind-expanding.

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