Feel the sense of communIty and belongIng through!


Awaken your Inner lIght!


YOGA SESSIONS:To relax and reconnect with your body and mind! Guided by an experienced instructor who will lead you through a blend of movement, breathwork and meditation.

SOUND BATH:Let the gentle waves of sound wash away stress and tension, allowing you to surrender to a state of profound relaxation. .

WATER THERAPY: Surrender to the nurturing embrace of the elements and immerse yourself in the healing embrace of water therapy..

ECSTATIC DANCE: Where rhythmic beats and liberating movements invite you to dance freely, tapping into the primal energy that resides within all of us.

Stages, Art, Workshop

RedIscover your Inner harmony!


MOON RITUAL:Honor the cycles of nature with our Moon Ritual, a sacred ceremony that invites you to align with the rhythms of the moon and call upon the power of lunar energy for healing and transformation.

SUN BORN KIN RITUAL:Ignite the flames of intention with our Sun Born Kin Ritual, a mystical gathering around a blazing campfire where we commune with the elemental forces of fire and light. As each participant adds wood to the fire and makes a heartfelt wish, we weave our intentions into the fabric of the universe, igniting the spark of creation within our souls.

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